Monday, May 23, 2011

Even Spielberg would be jealous!

Since our parent company, Journal Register Company, adopted its "Digital First" strategy almost a year and a half ago, producing videos for has been a high priority for The Record staff.
It only stands to reason that producing videos should be a priority for our newspapers: Adding a video to a story enhances the experience for our readers.
While we can tell you all about a local high school team's jubilation at winning a championship game through words, seeing the emotion for yourself through video adds a whole level to our coverage.
After a recent dip in the numbers of videos produced by the staff, we decided to get the competitive juices going and launched an in-house competition for the most videos produced by a staffer in a single month.
While no blood was shed, it was a spirited competition among the staff. News reporter Danielle Sanzone was the winner, having produced 40 videos during the month, while sports reporter Andrew Santillo was a close second.
For her efforts, Danielle gets dinner and a movie on us.
Check out one of Danielle's videos below -- an interview with the superintendent of schools for the Enlarged City School District of Troy who recently announced that he is stepping down at the end of the school year.

Here are some links to a few more of Danielle's efforts on The Record's website:

Statewide tour stops in Troy; shows how budget cuts impact students

Troy Board of Education will wait to draw final redistricting lines

Capital Region's district attorneys cite benefits of video recording interrogations

I am proud of the staff's efforts, and I have to say I think even Steven Spielberg would be jealous of their production this month.

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