Friday, June 11, 2010

They will be missed

The Capital District lost two of its CEOs in recent weeks, both deaths coming after hard-fought battles with cancer.
Sister Maureen Joyce, CEO of Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Albany, died on May 21 after heading up her agency for 20 years. Sister Maureen and I met many years ago at a media breakfast and I found her to be a warm, caring individual who was deeply committed to serving others.
Pioneer Bank President and CEO John Scarchilli died last Saturday after battling cancer for nine years. There is no question that he leaves his mark on the bank and the many community organizations in which he was involved. Over the years I’ve had several friends who worked for Pioneer and, to a person, they all found him to be a man of integrity. While we had a nodding acquaintance at professional events over the years, my most memorable encounter with him came at a “Relay for Life” event in Green Island.
Mayor Ellen McNulty Ryan had asked me to take part in the Relay’s “Survivors Lap” so I could celebrate being cancer free after completing treatment for breast cancer. I had no idea that John had cancer until then, but we ended up talking about living with cancer and how uplifting it was to see so many people taking part in such a terrific event that would help so many.
I offer my sympathies to the families of both CEOs as well as to Catholic Charities and the Pioneer community. Both Sister Maureen and John Scarchilli were terrific individuals who will be greatly missed.

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